Thirteen Secret Letters By Adam Friedrich Boehme PDF
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Thirteen Secret Letters by Adam Friedrich Boehme PDF

Those interested in the Western hermetic tradition may know that the 18th century Golden and Rosicrucian Order was a high degree Masonic Order with a strong emphasis on laboratory alchemy. This work was considered a preparation for the theurgical work which they taught in their higher degrees, where the final aim of their system was to become a Biblical type of prophet. This compilation of the 13 letters, now in print for the first time in modern type, as well as translated into English, is distinguished among the many other books of its time, some of which also claim origin with said order but fail to deliver. For all who take an interest in Fulcanelli, along with the classics, Cyliani, Philalethes, or Sendivogius, this is a must-read and a perfect companion to the "Hermes Trismegistus Old and True Natural Path," also available from Lulu. Language: English + Deutsch

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